Fleet Scrapper

Fleet Scrapper is an up and coming indie game. We’d describe it as a retro science fiction racer/exploration game with RPG elements. It has completely original art and animation as well as character design and dialog.

We are currently a team of two actively developing the game together. This is our first full-fledged game and started out as just a small learning project for the both of us.

Any donations will be invested directly back into the game and improvement of our platforms to make games. We are currently using GMS 1.4 and GraphicsGale to create most of the game. Hopefully, in the future, we can get a full GMS 2 license and can upgrade to a new licensed Photoshop/animation program.

Any and all feedback will be read/heard and will go directly to improving the game. We are more concerned with creating and distributing a great game than monetary success.

There are currently 91 short-medium length levels and we are mostly spending time tweaking UI and bug hunting before fully moving to Chapter Two. We will keep the community updated as we make progress and hopefully be able to start a beta test phase soon.


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